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Turkish and Iranian Athletes on the Podium in Para Archery.

The excitement of para archery in the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games continued with the competitions held at Saraçoğlu Sports Facilities. 

In the Women's Roller Bow category, Öznur Cüre from Türkiye and Farzaneh Asgari from Iran faced off in the final. Cüre, who won the match 142-140, attained the gold medal. The bronze medal struggle was also between Turkish and Iranian athletes. Maryam Yavarpoo Shahrbaki, whose shot was closer to the center than both athletes who scored 10 in the deciding shot of the match which ended 137-137, surpassed Sevgi Yorulmaz and came in third. 

In the Men's Roller Bow category, Erdogan Aygan from Türkiye faced Hadi Nori from Iran in the final. While Nori won the gold medal with 142 points, Erdoğan Aygan took the silver medal with 139 points. In this category, the bronze medal went to Iranian Alisina Manshaezadeh, who defeated Alblooshi from the United Arab Emirates. 

In the W1 Women's category, Turkish athletes Nil Mısır and Fatma Danabaş competed against each other in the final. Establishing superiority with130-127, Nil Mısır became the owner of the gold medal. 

The second Turkish final of the day took place in the W1 Men's category. Yiğit Caner Aydın and Bahattin Hekimoğlu competed for the gold medal. Yiğit Caner Aydın beat his teammate Bahattin with 141-139 and reached the gold. Hekimoğlu had to settle for the silver medal. Nihat Türkmenoğlu won the bronze medal in this category, and the 3 Turkish athletes took the podium together. 

Turkish athlete Merve Nur Eroğlu beat Iranian Somayeh Rahimi Ghahder Ijani 7-1 in the final match in the women's classic bow category and received the gold. In the match for third place, Yağmur Şengül won the bronze medal by beating Azerbaijani Azada Abdullayeva 6-3.