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Konya 2021 Medals have been determined

Seljuk Star and Meram Flower Medal! 

The design and number of medals that will crown the achievements of the athletes at the Islamic Solidarity Games to be held in Konya between 9-18 August 2022 have been determined. Athletes from 56 countries will participate for 483 medal events in 24 sports.

The Konya 2021 medals have been designed as follows: 


On the front of the medal, besides the Games logo, the "Meram flower" pattern is featured. The flower, which has thousands of different varieties in bright shades of yellow and orange, has an elegant appearance with its soft, velvety leaves. It is an annual flower that gives off a pleasant scent. 


On the inside, the "Seljuk star" wraps around the logo and pattern. The eight pointed star symbolizes the eight gates of heaven, each corner of the star representing one of eight different attributes. The Seljuki motif with its eight different corners symbolizes mercy, compassion, patience, discretion (keeping secrets), generosity, loyalty, gratitude and truthfulness. Another element that comprises the medal is the "ear of wheat". Placed in the outermost frame, the ears represent Konya, the granary of Anatolia. Just like the Meram flower, they indicate rebirth and abundance. 


The back of the medal includes the ISSF logo and the name of the Games, while its outer frame is surrounded by ears of wheat, as on the front.