ARchery ART
National Federation of Turkmenistan
Назад к списку

Archery competitions will be held in Saraçoglu Sports Facilities between 14-18 August 2022

For individual competitions, qualification, elimination and final elimination round shots will be done, and for team competitions, elimination and final elimination rounds of the teams will be done. 

Qualification rounds in Archery will be made accordingly: Men’s and Women’s Recurve bow will be 70m. 720 rounds, and Men’s and Women’s Compound bow will be 50m. 720 Rounds. During the Qualification rounds of Archery, there will be 4 athletes on each target and it will take place in AB-CD format. 

The first 24 mixed teams according to mixed team elimination and qualification round results will have the right to participate in the mixed team elimination rounds. Set system will be used for Recurve Bow mixed team elimination rounds and Point System will be used for Compound Bow and W1 Bow mixed team elimination rounds.