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Talent Family

I met a school student who received the Youth Award at the Youth Award ceremony last year. The day she received the award, November 16, coincided with her birthday. 

Her teacher and father also came to share his joy. 

Kovsar Abbasova was an 11th-grade student at secondary school No. 32 in Ashgabat at that time. Now he is a 1st year student of the Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan. We talked to Kowsar's father. If you simply look at her, this girl is full of talent. I was impressed by his ability to draw, shoot archery, and speak several foreign languages. 

Recently, I took part in the awarding ceremony of Ashgabat city championship in 18-meter archery at the center of the National Archery Federation of Turkmenistan. Not only Kowsar, but also his 3 other sisters and small brother are talented like her. In the last championship, Abbasova Maede and Abbasova Mohadesse won the 3rd place in their age category. Also, small boy Abbasov Aliakbar performed successfully among his peers. The achievements of the family in this sport are not limited to these. Each has at least 4-5 medals. 

Although the Abbasov brothers are talented, they have hidden heroes who support them greatly. They are the parents of these children. The result of supporting their children to grow up to be versatile in life is exemplary for all parents. Children who are properly brought up and brought up with the support of their parents grow up with a healthy mind and a healthy spirit. A healthy family makes a healthy society. 

As adults, we must make all our youth grow up to be like this! 

Merdan Ataev